Hydrotherapy Pools

Pinelog construct hydrotherapy pools for private individuals as well as special needs schools, hospitals, private practitioners and disabled groups. The design of the hydrotherapy pool requires an assessment of the user’s special needs to ensure that it provides appropriate therapeutic benefits. Your Pinelog hydrotherapy pool will then be designed and tailored to meet your individual requirements. We look after all aspects of the construction from initial design and planning permission all the way through to project completion, with our experienced contract management team ensuring the development progresses smoothly.

In many cases we build high pressure jets into the pool to provide a resistance to swimming or to have a massage effect. The hydrotherapy pools can also be transformed into a full sensory environment with use of specialist lighting, sound system and fun floats. 

The building will have a specially designed heating and ventilation system which will keep the air temperature to the desired level, provide ventilation and control the humidity.  Facilities within the hydrotherapy building include spacious changing areas, showers and toilets including accessible shower/s, wc/s, and wash down beds, with the number and layout being determined by the specific number of users. 

As members of the Centre for Accessible Environments, we seek to understand and interpret the needs of users in each hydrotherapy pool we design and build.

As a further assurance of our commitment to quality, Pinelog is an installer member of SPATA ("The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association").  This organisation ensures that the highest standards of construction are maintained and provides an arbitration service in the unlikely event of a dispute.

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